S.A.S.S. (A Military Support Group)

Deployment Advice

There is nothing to say that can make the pain of deployment go away. But there are several things you can do to ease the pain. If you are a military spouse living on base, there are groups you can join. If you're not on base, or you're only dating/engaged to your military man, there are hundreds of online support groups for you. S.A.S.S. is not the only support group out there, however, you can come to SASS to ask the other ladies for information on other groups. There are several girls involved with other groups. Here a few things you can do to occupy yourself during a deployment:
  1. Focus on school or work. It's the perfect time for you to concentrate on yourself, since all your energy can't go into your relationship anymore. And if you're not in school or working, now is the perfect time to start if you're able!
  2. Start a countdown of some sort where you can physically see how much time has passed, and you can wait until the end of the day to think about the deployment. Ideas include making a paper link chain, using enough links to equal the amount of days remaining, each day remove a link. Another idea is to have two decorative jars. One jar fill with marbles with the amount of days remaining, and each night put one marble into the empty jar to symbolize the time that has passed.
  3. Read books written by military spouses to learn of new ways to cope.