S.A.S.S. (A Military Support Group)

A Sisterhood

You've been to a million "support" groups for your situation, but WE are a sisterhood. We love and care for each other, and we are literally there for each other through the good times and bad. We have women with loved ones in every branch of the military and in every situation; mother, sister, friend, cousin, girlfriend, fiancee, and wife. We may not each know everything, but together we do. We have advice and experiences to share. We have creative ideas for deployment packages and homecoming signs. The best part? We're here when you miss a phone call, or when it's been weeks since you've heard from your loved one...and we'll listen to every frustration and try to end your tears. Welcome to our sisterhood. Time cannot fade the bond we will forever share. So take a deep breath, lean back, and fall into our supporting hands. You don't have to do this alone. Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?tid=1531495099557&sk=messages#!/group.php?gid=300254478255 (Check under the Home tab for a special page.)

Help Write for the Site

Hello ladies. Since I'm very new to the concept of website making, I need some help. Also, I need help because I haven't been in every situation. I will need you to write about your experiences and give advice. Here's who I need:
A family member from any military branch.
A girlfriend or fiancee of someone in the Navy and Air Force.
A wife of someone in the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force.
I also need deployment advice and package ideas.
When you apply, please put in the comments which you are.

    Apply Here